Let's Talk Turkey

I had a heart warming moment today in my kinder class (snarler kinder class from last week). We were all sitting at the carpet and I was about read Ten Fat Turkeys . A little one up front (sometimes a naughty one) looked up at me and said, "Ms. T, you were here last week and now you are here again. You had to come back!" So I asked him why I had to come back and he said, "Cuz you'd miss us too much so you had to come back!" Ahh...melt my heart!!!!!  Those are the moments that wipe out the bad ones lol.

So last week I did turkeys with the other kinder class. It must still be on their mind because I was dropping my kiddos off at lunch the other class yelled hi to me and one little one said, "Ms. T, you did chickens with us!" And I chuckled and corrected her that they were turkeys, but yes, I made turkeys with them.

First I tried using the copy machine to copy the turkey body on brown construction paper, but it wouldn't take it so I had to draw 53 turkeys!

Turkey body kids cut out.

Then I had them glue them on black construction paper.

And then the fun. The feathers!

I used all colors, even pink and purple. We were making fun turkeys!

I showed them that they could use just a little paper and still make feathers. And I told them they could cut or rip the paper with their hands.  And reminded them to use glue with their song "Dot, dot, not a lot!" Then I said they could draw the eyes and the beak and even the wattle (aka as the red thingy lol). To finish it up, I said they got to do something very special and use white crayons for their names.

Here are some of the gobblers:

Um so she didn't follow dot, dot not alot! And can you tell they just went and saw Pinkalicious?

Mine! The kids all ooohed and ahhhhed hehehe :)

Gobble gobble!


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