I can smell Christmas...

 Christmas season is just beyond my reach...so close! I love the Christmas holiday time because of the decorations, the music, the love I feel around me, and giving gifts.  Yesterday I had a Christmas card class. It was the class I bought at the auction and I've been looking forward to it.

It started at 7 pm and there were 6 stations. Four of the stations were for Christmas cards and two were for gift tags. Friends, Christmas music, and being crafty...I was in heaven!

We made these adorable creations with Stampin' Up! stuff. The cards and paper were laid out for us but we had to cut them into the shapes with the little tools. We also got stamp, jewel, emboss and do other fun stuff. I like using little gadgets. Oh they came out beautiful. And to my surprise it was after 9:30 when I was done. And I left and people were still there! Oh and we also got envelopes. It was so much fun!

Here is one of my little beauties!

Christmas is love with all the trimmings is what the stamp says. We had to stamp the stockings, the sayings, cut the stockings. And the black bumps we had to make the black paper bumpy.

And today I was working on another Pinterest project, but can't post pics yet because I'll be using it for

Click the link to see the list of events!

Yay! I love Christmas time!


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