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Agggh! I swear I tell myself that I'm only hopping onto Pinterest for a few minutes and then find myself there still a half hour later (or more...but shhh pretend you didn't hear that lol).

I've started to better reorganize my boards so that I can find things easier. I'm so in love with Pinterest that I just want to try everything!

I've done a few things now that are Pinterest inspired. One was taking a wooden block and putting scrapbook paper and buttons on it. That was adapted from putting buttons on cardstock.

And now with my favorite holiday coming up (CHRISTMAS), there are so many things to try. I really want to make the ornament wreath (super easy!) and I have the materials from the Dollar Tree for an ornament window decoration (my next project).

Today I made a project inspired from one I saw on Pinterest.

You need a picture frame (Dollar Tree baby!), scrapbook paper,  a word cluster (I went to Tagxedo), and any other decor you want for the frame (I used a bow, but wanted snowflakes. Still may add later!)

Take your scrapbook paper and cut it down the frame size.

I used this. So pretty and elegant. But snowflake paper would be better! Next time :)

This is my words from Tagxedo. You can choose the color and shape. This is supposed to be a snowflake.
I typed in words that make me think of Christmas and winter.

Cut out my words and put it on the paper and put in the frame. I have the frame the other way, but this could work too lol.

I wrote words on there too (dry erase marker) and attached a snowflake bow. Snowflakes would be cute too.

How cute and elegant is this? You can so do one for every season!

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