Holiday Craft

Today is day 2 of Christmas ideas week and it's Holiday Crafts! Here it is.....what I've been dying to share with you the last few weeks! And yes, it's Pinterest inspired!

It's an ornament garland! You'll need one thick/sturdy ribbon and then 2-3 different colored skinny ribbons, and ornaments of different colors.

My varied ornaments (color and size!) from Dollar Tree.

My ribbon (Dollar Tree!). The white with snowflakes is my thicker one and the red and silver are my alternating ones.

Cut varying lengths of ribbon and tie them on to the ornaments.

Then tie them on to the big ribbon, staggering the lengths and colors and tack/tie/secure it to a window (I tacked my window frame).

It looks great from the outside too but I couldn't get a good pic. (That's my car in the street. Hi car!)

Next week I'll show you another garland I did. I love it just as much! But it has different materials *wink wink*

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