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Today was just one of those days. It's been a long week. I've worked every day and 4 of them at the same school. And today I had the toughest kinder groups in the school. Both the am and pm groups are challenging but the afternoon class has an extremely challenging child who should not even be there in a mainstream class as his main goal is to stay in the room (I won't say anymore than that).

But it was so nice to have some feedback on me. One of the 4 kinder teachers loved how I handled them outside. She said it was refreshing to see a sub be not all sweet and gooey (I used to be like that all the time) but instead was large and in charge (sweet and gooey had to be pushed aside for most of the day). She gave me props for that.

And then I had my co-kinder partner who does the Spanish part, she said I was a sub that the could truly enjoy working with. That she doesn't mind talking with.

I tell you, after a long, hard day (and week!) both of those ladies warmed my hearts :) I knew I was doing pretty good. I know I am a good substitute...and a great teacher. But to get validation like that and from two people in one day, well it was just what I needed to get me through the rest of the day.

And little boy was not there today thank goodness. Whew! I don't know how I would have managed, though I know I would have been able to :)

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