I survived!

Well I got a call this morning for a half day. It was for a Resource teacher and I had lunch duty, a first grade class, and lots of copies and writing letters to do. Now I have to prepare myself for a kinder class for the rest of the week. The poor teacher's mother died and she said she only trusts me with her kids.

I'm scared as this was the kinders first real day of school. T/W/Thurs last week they were split up and Friday they all came together. She warned me they are squirelly and has bribes treats for me to hand out in case. And she said I can use them all. My bag is loaded up with stickers and I'll grab a few books. Plus they have PBIS (positive behavior interventions and support) and they have special one papers for subs as it's on golden paper. They are the Eagles and so they are called Eagle Feathers. Regular teachers have white ones but subs give out golden ones so they are more special.

Wish me luck (I'll need it!)


  1. Good luck!!! Hope you give out lots of Eagle Feathers.

    Runde's Room

  2. Thanks :) I hope so too! And I meant PBIS (edited my post lol) It's been a long day!


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