Chop stick fun

So in all the excitement of me getting my first cold of the season *insert sarcastic laugh* (although it's just a little stuffed today, not too bad), I forgot to talk about a cool thing I saw my class on Thursday use.

Well it was time for them to use their Reading Street books. They all pulled them out (can I tell you how wonderful this class is? They are a dream!) Two students got up and went over to the front teacher table and grabbed a jar I hadn't even noticed and passed out what looked like little wands at first glance until I realized it was chopsticks.

Curious, I stood up front, watching them and then it dawned on me, they were reading sticks! Sure enough, the kids started reading silently, using the chopsticks as pointers to follow the words. Of course I heard a few  wingardium leviosa's from a few kids' mouths (yep I love Harry Potter) and tried not to chuckle.

So the next time you eat out in a restaurant with chopsticks...don't use them to eat, take them for your class so they can read! I mean one packet will be two if you have a class of 26, you only have to eat out 13 times, lol. That's a good reason right?

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