Productive day so far...

It's been a productive Monday so far and not even noon (for me) yet! Of course getting up super early in case I get a job helps too. I did get a job request for tomorrow and tried not to laugh. It's in the class where my friend's foster son said he was going to have a prostitute teacher. I bet the teacher was preparing them last week! Can't wait til I see the look on his face when he recognizes me.

Also I went to the district office and showed them my renewed teacher's license and so I'm officially all clear and good to go. Stopped by the library and dropped off my books and got some new ones. Though I'm in the middle of one I bought and also am reading a chapter a day from Ron Clark's The End of Molasses Classes. When I finish that, it's on to The Book Whisperer...if I can find where I put it after I brought it with me camping and didn't get a chance to read lol.

Managed to clean a bit of the house to. So yes, not even noon and very productive!

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