The pain of beauty

So I have these incredibly cute flats and I think I've only worn them once. Now I remember why. They hurt my feet. Thank goodness I only subbed a half day. I do have two blisters now, one on each heel. I guess I can only wear those if I have socks, not nylons on. But darn it they are cute! I guess we suffer to look cute/pretty/beautiful ;)

My little guy in class (the prostitute teacher kiddo *see last blog or last 2 blogs lol*) was so excited this morning. He told me I'm his first sub ever and he was so ecstatic. Pretty easy morning. They write and draw 3 pages. First page they wrote what a bird eats, what all birds have, and what they live in and drew a simple, but cute bird. Second page they did the who, what, where ,when, why and made a sentence and drew a bird again. The last page they wrote why birds have nests and drew a bird in a tree and a nest. It comes from some book the teacher has. I do one everyone time I sub for her lol.  Off the top of my head I've done a truck, robot, elephant, dog, cat, and now this.

I also had specials and then lunch but I was going to eat at home for lunch since it was  a half day and went to the office to see if they needed me. They didn't but said to go out to recess duty. So I watched the kinders. One hugged me and I've never seen her before ever lol.

I also got a 2 day roving job for Monday and Tuesday and a requested 3rd grade job next Thursday (from a teacher I've never subbed for!) so 3 days next week. Last week was all booked, this week one day so far, next week is three days, and two the week after that. Slowly but surely, my calendar is starting to fill up!

 Sometimes I wonder how teachers request me if I've never subbed for them but one time, last year, a new teacher told me she asked around the school and no matter who she asked, they all said me. That just warms my insides all up hehehe :D


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