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I meant to blog yesterday but with a crazy day and a meeting at 5:30 and a party at 6:30-8:00 and then Glee (yes I am a Gleek!), I really didn't have time.

Yesterday turned to be a bit of a frazzling day. I was scheduled to work a 1/2 day as a roving sub. During my first rove out of three, the secretary came to my room and asked if I could sub in the afternoon for a teacher feeling ill. She offered this to me over the other 3 subs in the building, and I can always use the extra money and it was for a class I enjoy, so I said yes. This also meant I now had to buy school lunch, and thankfully I carry $3 in my name tag holder in case of emergency like this.

My options were pizza or yogurt and a bagel, and I opted for the latter and also made a large salad.

Now my roving was fun. I had 2 kinders and 1 5th. The first kinders were really cute except I had a cryer and a kid that needs lots of direction. Like you have to shut the door or he may go out, kind of direction lol.

My second kinder class was prepped for me, they knew I was coming. Their teacher is my friend so she told them about me. As I was helping a group, I swore I heard a kid say something about 'T' (well he could have been talking about tea, lol). Then I heard another. The silly kiddos had dropped the Ms. and were just calling me T! Haahaha. So one kiddo goes, "Hey T! Can I have some help please?" Oh how cute.

And then same class, we had snack. The school provides it and yesterday was cauliflower.  So I asked the kids what they thought it was. I had guesses and answers from broccoli to grapes!!!!!!! All of them tried it and a few asked for more.

And I also finished my tutu!! I finished it the same day I started hehe. I didn't take step by step pics but I can explain it too (plus videos on youtube). Oh and it is NO SEW!

You'll need ribbon or elastic band for the waist (I picked ribbon), at least 5 yds in tulle any color (I had 3 yds of 4 colors but then again I'm not a small kiddo hehe), and scissors and measuring tape/ruler.

I took the ribbon and measured around my waist. Where it met, both sides got a knot. Leave some ribbon hanging past the knot too, just in case, like a few inches.

Take the tulle you want and roll it long, don't fold, just roll so it's like a tube. Easiest thing to do it on is teh floor, but a table works. Cut off the ends so they are even.

I did that in the above photo. Then I cut every 4 inches. Once you have cut the whole thing. You can do one of two things. If you want a long tutu like I did, don't cut anything else. If you want a shorter tutu, like above the knee, then take your strips you just cut, and cut them in 1/2.

Then you take your strips and you tie them on your band. This is hard for me to explain in text kind of lol. You take your strip, fold it in 1/2 so you have a hole on top, put it on the band/ribbon to the left of your knot, and pull the tails through the hole and pull so you have a knot.

Repeat with the rest of the strips. If you have different colors, do at least 3 of one color before switching to the next. That way it stands out more. Do this until either your waist band is full or if you do the ribbon, that your ribbon is filled knot to knot.

Here are my colors:

Red, black, white, and pink

I also choose to embelish a bit and I used ribbon between my color switches. So I took 3 pink tulle strips, then a purple ribbon, 3 black tulle strips, a purple ribbon, etc. After I did 4 colors, I put a pink ribbon to switch things up. Online, I've seen tutus with ribbons, rhinestones, stars, bows, etc. I like how the ribbon adds to it.

And here is the finished product:
I know it looks like a big thing of tulle lol. But you can see the red, black, white and kind of pink. I also chose not to trim the ends of my finished tutu. I like that some strips are longer/shorter, but you can do what you like. I'll try to get a pic of it on me, but you at least get an idea from here.

I love it! It's poofy, it's fun, colorful, and best of all, I made it myself! I also left the ribbon hang about 3 inches of each side of the knot so I can tie to make a cute bow. I picked just a white satin ribbon for my waistband.

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