Is it Friday yet?

Sheesh I'm pooped. I don't know if it's the extra 1/2 hour I have to be there, the full day of work and not lounging, my wild   spirited children I'm subbing for, or the getting up early, but I've been exhausted this week.

Today was interesting. Mind you I'm in second grade for three days, so that's always interesting lol. I had one kid cry because someone wouldn't share. I had another kddo sing 'Party Rock' but only sang the 'Everyday I'm shufflin'" verse. I had a girl come in from outside recess (we have 90 degree weather, not normal for us this time of year) and she said, "Ah the classroom feels so refreshing". All us teachers are thankful for the A/C!

I also had to put someone on the wall outside at recess for a few minutes. When asking him why did he think I  put him there, "Because you just did" was my response. I chatted with him about how I don't place kids on the wall for no reason and finally he said, "I was bad" and I said well what did you do to be on the wall. Finally he said, "Well I was loud, rude, and threw something." Now that would have been so much easier to say in the first place!

Now I don't know if it is because it is the second week, or that the teacher hasn't had much time, or because she was in kinder and now in second but the room is sparse! Not much color. And the CAFE wall is a bit blah, not to be rude. The teacher next door was trying to spruce hers up so I recommended some blogging sites :D She got so excited, she hadn't thought about that at all.

Now one activity this teacher did I love. She had the kiddos cut their names out of magazines, or rather the letters for their names.

Aren't they cute? The make adorable name tags. You can use them for all sorts of things like their desks, or drawing names to call on students. I don't know how the teacher will use them, but I know that personally, I'd use these to put with their work or art work that is displayed on the walls. 

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