Whew for I am tired and whew for it's hot! 90's all week. Now summer decided to come lol. So my 'kindergarteners' turned out to be second graders. That was good/bad. Good because this would only be their 3rd full day of kinder (they split the classes 3 days last week and Friday was the first full day). And good because they'd still be crying, lost, and helpless. Bad because I love kinders. And I love teaching kinder.

My kids today were good. Well it was also late start *every Wednesday* and so my morning class was only an hour and half or so. They were cute... "We heard you are here for 3 weeks!" Well sorry to dissapoint, it's only 3 days lol. And one kid was ecstatic because he transferred schools and said he knew me from his old school.

My afternoon class is squirrely. They are going to drive me nuts the next two days. I'll have to figure out how to reward them for good behavior til Friday...

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