My first Pinterest project!

So I have a new addiction and it's called Pinterest. I know have a blog addiction and Pinterest addiction, but it's better than other addictions!

I've been pinning like a mad woman but don't nearly have as much as some of my friends. I pinned a project the other day of buttons glued to a cardstock in the shape of an initial.

Well one of my friend's re-pinned it. And I happen to be going to her house for a delayed birthday party for her. So my wheels began a-turning and I thought, well if she liked that, then I'll make it for her!

While I went out shopping yesterday, I bought three packs of buttons, big and small and different colors. Silly me hadn't looked at the full project and I should have bought a frame and cardstock, but instead found a wooden block pile of letters. They didn't have much choice on letters. They did have a "T" so I snagged that for me. They had no "K's" which is what I wanted but they did have an "H" which is her last name, so I went with that.

As I sat at my kitchen table, I had another stroke of genius. Use scrapbook paper for background before adding buttons. Genius! It looked so cute and it could have stood alone with just that, but I know she liked the buttons. But now I'm thinking if I do it myself, I may not do buttons and just do the scrapbook paper lol.

So what I did was use tacky glue and put the traced scrapbook paper on top. Then buttons everywhere, no place, just how I felt. And some buttons on top of buttons for a layered look. Finished product:

Again can't flip it, sorry. Just tilt your head! Lol.

I think she'll like it. You can see the scrapbook paper peek through, it's purple and white. If I do this project again, I'll get other buttons too and I will try on cardstock. Gotta love Pinterest! I'll be posting this to Pinterest later after I present it to her because I don't want to ruin the surprise!


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