Yesterday was a long day!

Still have a bit of a cold. Mostly just sneezing and a bit of a snuffly nose.

Yesterday was a long but fun day. I went to the annual grapestomping festitvities at a local winery. Saved two tables because there were a lot of my friends coming and also my parents. My dad entered the grape stomping contest and they picked his name and he actually won his stomping heat. They draw a guy name and a girl name and they stomp while the German band plays music.

The band was here last week for the Oktoberfest and they come to this winery for the stomping which was yesterday and today.  I also love going to the winery for the best sauerkraut ever! My mom is from Germany and she says it is authentic. The owner's wife makes it and they are from Hungary/Germany.

One of my friends wanted to go on a winery tour so I went with her and it was fun to learn about the winery, one of the first in Oregon and to find out about wine and grapes and the process of what they go through.

After being there for 5 and 1/2 hours and eating bratwurst and sauerkraut and singing and dancing to the German music, we (my parents and I and one of my friends there ) had a party to go to celebrating several birthdays.

I made my famous peanut butter bars and they are always gone. I always take home an empty plate lol. Had  fun there.

And then on the way home I stopped at another friend's house (10 pm at this point) because a college football game (DUCKS!!!) was going on and I had made a spare plate of the peanut krispies just for them because they always love it and knocking on their door at 10 pm was fun lol. They were SOOOO happy I stopped by and also happy I had the peanut butter bars.

Today I plan on relaxing and catching up on my DVR'd shows. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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