Slow day

Whether because it was Monday or not, it's been a slow and long day.

Well I get to my assignment job and there are no plans. Turns out that the teacher, or rather the counselor, doesn't really teach guidance classes at the moment and I was basically there to babysit a wild child socially impaired child whose main goal is to not leave the class. Forget work or production, just watch him.

The teaching guardian angels wer eon my side as he was not here today. So instead I got to do lots of prep and copying all day. ALL day. Very boring day but easy money.

Friday I have that it bad I hope he's gone then too? I know he won't be though lol.

Tomorrow is first grade, then Wed/Thursday back to the school I was at today for a different first grade, then Friday same school for kinder.

From what I've seen, my friends all had a bad Monday. Here's hoping all of yours was better!

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