Oh kids!

Oh my word I had a lively class today, but in a good way :) They are 3rd graders and very sweet. Only 2 were a handful. They did their work like I asked but they said some funny stuff.

I stopped after lunch to take them to the bathroom and most were finishing up. I heard a kid shrieking and a boy in line goes, "That's "A", you can tell because of the pitchy yell."

Oh goodness, at least they used some nice vocabulary heehee. 

And then ***warning, bathroom humor ahead, so if you are eating, you are warned!***

We are all working on math and since we had already stopped for the bathroom, she said I shouldn't let anyone go. Well this kid asked like 5 times to go and I had to firmly, but politely tell him no you know the rules...and he comes up again and I'm just about to lose my patience and hands me a note.  So I'm thinking he's written it down because I told him I didn't want to hear it anymore and it says, "I have to go poop!"

Oh my word I about burst out laughing, but feeling sympathy allowed him to go. I understand how he feels.

So this week has been 4 days so far and next week are 4 (all requests by the way!) and the 4 next week are all the same school, different teachers hehe.

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