Laughter makes the day better

So here I was complaining that yesterday was boring and today was the COMPLETE opposite. Talk about an exhausting day lol. I had first grade and I know them, but boy they were hyper. The whole first grade team was out so when they went to ELD/SLD almost first thing in the morning, they also had a sub.

Though I did laugh at some cute things they said, which made my exhausting times worth it. And sending the kid to the office (he kept screaming for no reason and had been warned twice by my assistant) and a kid to their table.

Lunch time was worth it. I dropped off my kiddos and one side of the room errupted with "Ms. T!!!"s and then another teacher had me come to her table because her kids would not eat until they said hi to me. And then a third class had to say hello. Mind you they are all kinders hehehe.

The lunch ladies said it perfectly how I was feeling when they said that they'd swear there was a celebrity in the cafeteria lol. And mind you I think I was the first sub for all of them too lol.

So on  a hard day, find something to laugh about and it helps wipe away the bad stuff  :)

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