So my whole today and tomorrow got cut to a 1/2 day each. Which is better than getting scrapped altogether. And I was in a roving job, 3 classes today. 2 kinder and 1 4th grade. The kinders were so cute, as I was their first sub. And how embarrassing was it when my cell rang? I forgot to turn it off. Thankfully my main tune is ABC, 123 (school related :)) and they all giggled.

So after work, I was able to run to the store. I bought my tulle and ribbon. I went a bit crazy with ribbon and bought one for the waist and 3 for the dangling for more accessory. The main one was 2 bucks and the 3 small were 97 cents.

Then I got four kinds of tulle: black, white, red, and pink. And 3 yards of each came to a total of 14 dollars. So yes, my total was about 20 bucks. Now the cheapest tutu online was 20 bucks, not including shipping. And mine will be the length I want, the colors I want, and how I want. Plus I'll have the satisfaction of making it. So I have save a lot of money truly, considering the 60-80 dollar tutus.

Plus I'll have ribbon left over for other stuff yay. And as I looked at the tulle, a lightbulb went off. I've seen those tent stuff that teachers have in their library area that I think they got from Ikea. But you could totally make one yourself! Get the tulle you want, wooden hoop frame that you use for sewing, and then little decals or whatever you want to add. How cute would that be?

I promise I'll post pics as I make my tutu with instructions. If I have enough left over, I may make my friend one for her little girl who is OBSESSED with 'baway' (ballet). She'll even do a little pose for you if you ask hehe :D

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