Saturday Family Time

Well today was our bi-yearly clean up for the city my dad used to work for and the city I sub in. We cleaned up a stretch of the highway. And just like in March, I was not disappointed with the 'finds'. I found a shirt, 2 different socks, metal art that was broken, a metal fork, plastic utensils, a condom, an empty condom box, and a dead squirrel. Which I told the public works dudes to pick up lol.

We have to watch a video before going out. If there is 'icky stuff' aka dead animals, diapers, condoms, and drug stuff, the public works people deal with it. We just flag it lol.

Also I have a funny story. My friend Liz has a foster kiddo. He's cute and very blunt. No filter on mouth. So she told me yesterday that he comes home from school (new school for him and he's second grade) kind of excited. So Liz asks him about his day. And he says, "Well our teacher said some day we might get a prostitute teacher!"

Oh my goodness! I just about burst out laughing and I'm sure Liz had to hold hit back as she told the little dude that it is a subsitute, not prostitute. That's one thing I've never been called before!


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