The Waiting Game

This is my least favorite part of being a sub, the waiting for a phone call. Yes, I get up every morning, whether or not I have a job lined up or not. I try to get ready as if I have a job, though like today, I haven't hadn't had breakfast yet or gotten dressed, still in pajamas lol. (I've had breakfast now though!)

I love it when I already have jobs lined up because then I know and don't have to sit there, wondering, feeling anxious. It makes me laugh though when I think about a conversation I had with a sub last year. She said that if she hasn't been called for the next day by the night before, she shuts off her phone and sleeps in. That may be fine for her, but honestly, she's missing out on a ton of work. Last year, I would have to say half my work was made by being called in the morning. So far, this year, it's all been requests which I much prefer because I know in advance. But by her limiting herself that much, almost makes me wonder if she would rather stay home than work.

Or maybe she doesn't work that much any way. I just know that the last 4 years, I've been incredibly busy. I can remember looking at my calendar and had a full month. I think there was a point where I almost had 2 full months. I don't mean to knock her down at all in anyway, it just astonished me when she told me that.

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