Oooh la la!

I am going to make a tutu! Yes a tutu!

I need one for my Halloween outfit for my friend's annual party. It'll complete my outfit...which will be a secret until the party and then I'll let you all know hehe (though I highly doubt any of you show up to the party hahaha). I've got bits and pieces for the costume and now have the top, make up, shoes, accessories...I'm so excited!

Oh I've got so many ideas going in my head now. I'll have to decide on what color(s) for the tutu. I'm leaning toward black and red...maybe white....or red, white, and pink...ahhhhhh so many choices lol.

But I watched a video online and it's sooo easy to make. Just need ribbon or elastic band for the waist, scissors, measuring tape, and tulle. That's seriously it. And to think I was about to shell out at least $20 for a tutu when I can make one for cheaper. Some tutus are selling on etsy for up to $80! I know I won't spend more than $20 so I'm saving money no matter what, plus it'll be my design and size exactly!

Oh gosh I'm so excited I want to go shopping for ribbon and tulle right now lol. I see a trip to the Dollar Tree (for ribbon) and Wal-mart (for tulle) in my VERY near future. This week for sure.

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