Friday, Friday!

I survived my 3 days in the same class :) It helped that in the afternoon, one of my highly spirited kids who gets the others going, was absent. Makes a WORLD of difference.

I do have to say, before I go any further, that at that school, there are some very awesome and polite students. Three days in a row kiddos held open the door for me into the main building, sometimes up to 3 kids a day! And I held one open for a kiddo and they thanked me! Talk about awesome kiddos. Wish I would have had an Eagle Feather on hand (PBIS) to give out.

Today in the afternoon, while they were munching on their afternoon snack (school grant, every class has fresh fruit or veggie for a snack each day for the year) of apples, I did an art lesson the teacher wanted me to. And they voted between a fish and a dragon and dragon barely won by 2 points.  And I must say mine was not too shabby and theirs turned out so cute.

I'll post it as soon as Snapfish recieves it... well who knows how long as it's been a few minutes and I really want my ice cream lol. I'll edit my post later to include it because I think it turned out great and for my first time too!


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