To the beach!

I'm off to the beach today for a few nights. Ahhhh I so love the beach! The smell, the sound, the animals, the food!

I'll be for sure stopping at my favorite place that has cheap but awesome fish and chips and you are on the main strip of the old town. I love people watching! I will also have to stop at the sweet shop and get fresh saltwater taffy and my beloved sea foam. Sea foam is like hard molasses in chocolate. I think I may have a picture from my last beach trip of sea foam.....
Seafoam...mmmm with a bite out of it hehe.

There is also a free marine center with an octopus, free science movies, a tidal pool, fish and a ton of hands on exhibits. A great resource that I know schools love going to!  I know my teacher friends that when they teach animals or in 2nd grade they do ocean stuff, they have real shells and sand dollars and cute stuffed animals and fun activities that they got from our coast. We are about 2 and 1/2 hours away so not too far. I love our Oregon coast!

Oh and I am going crabbing! I love to crab. I have 3 pots, my shellfish license (only 7 dollars) and bait, so I am ready to go! Hehe :)

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