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If I haven't said it before, I'll say it now, I love my community! There are so many great groups in town that you can belong to or help. With my dad being a cop (now retired) he made so many connections. And thanks to that, I've made many new friends.

Today is just one example. I'm friends with some business owners in town and one lady works at a lumber store. Her family runs the business and I help them teach a class one Saturday a month where we build stuff with kiddos. She called me a week ago asking if I could help at a booth at the Saturday Market.

First off, I love her to death, so I said yes. Second, the Saturday Market is pretty awesome for it being it's second year. It's at a building that is very health concientous. They had a dancing lessing today and a BBQ contest.

I was at a booth from 9-2, sandwiched between a man selling salmon and a lovely woman selling her baked stuff (I bought a scone and it was yummy!) She said business was slow but I thought it was pretty decent. And a lot of people, when stopping to pick up free stuff at my booth, told me they enjoyed shopping at the lumber store because of the service and the staff.  Isn't that nice and refreshing to hear?

Well tonight I'm going to the same friend's house as she is hosting a wine/cheese event that she auctioned off at her nonprofit groups' first auction. I tell you , she is the right person to have as a friend :) I volunteered my time to serve cheese/wine to the local business people that bought tickets. So I get to help my community twice in one day and I love it! I enjoy it! My community has a lot more than just this, but I had to share this little bit :) You'll hear more next month!

Do you have an awesome community?

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