BBQ Competition

Oh I am so tired! Yesterday was a loooooooong day. I was up early and stayed up late. But I had a TON of fun.

The competition was fierce and the mood was fun. So many booths and so many meat samplings lol. The main categories were pork spare ribs, beef ribs, and chicken. But a person could make their own meat they wanted to hand out. Yummy sauces and oh such a good day. Your $10 (but I was free since dad was on a team) included a meal ticket , all the samplings you wanted, and live music from 4 bands/groups. Plus there were clowns painting kids' faces and making balloons.  And raffles.

The posters I made for the non-profit group looked great at the booth and they did pretty well selling.

So for the first time of new chicken, 6th place by 2 points from 5th (top five get stuff). Pork ...well not so good but 10th (15 groups). But beef got 2nd!!!!!! Yay!!!!

And we tied for 3rd overall!!!

My Dad hehee. He only wore the patch a few times. They were the Smokin' Bandits.

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