Table decor...pointers

Alrighty, I took a stab at it and sat down and did table decor for my dad's police retirement party. Pretty easy too. And cute! 

Sorry that it's side ways but I can't flip it lol. And excuse the mess, was doing dishes.

So what it is is a square glass candle holder and filled with blue sea glass, tied with blue ribbon (all from Dollar Tree) for the container. The twigs were bought for about 15 in a bunch from the Dollar Tree. I bought silver spray from Wal-Mart and sprayed them. The stars are foam stars that came for about 50 or so from Wal-Mart. They stick on the back, but I used a hot glue gun. And the silver stars I spray painted from green and yellow ones. So overall, relatively cheap.

As I was doing it, I thought of how cute it would be in a classroom, but have the stars on the ends of the sticks and use them as magical pointers. They also have bamboo sticks at Dollar Tree that could be pointers. I am quite pleased with my DIY project ! And I can always reuse them too. Oh and they will be on top of a mirrored square bought at Wal-Mart. 

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