Woops...Teacher Talk...

I missed Teacher Talk Tuesday....and as I don't have a classroom, no pics for today, so I'll Teacher Talk Tuesday today hehe :)

My advice will be for both subs and teachers with subs.....


1. Please make sure you have at least an emergency plan for subs. You don't know how stressful it is if we come to your class, no plans. Especially if it is the first time in your class and don't know your routine, kids, etc.

2. Make sure your sub has more than enough to do. And just because we are subs doesn't mean we can't teach! I've been in a class where it was all worksheets. Yes worksheets are good, but for a whole day, the kids and I get bored. And they get done quickly.

3.  A class list is very helpful for different reasons. Emergencies like fire drills, noting who the kid that was helpful/trouble.

1. Make sure to come prepared. You never know if you will switch classes, get moved to another school, or have no plans.

2. Have some sort of fillers with you. Mad libs, brainteasers, and geometric coloring pages are my go-tos as well as reading books.

3. Never let the kids see you sweat. If they think you don't know what you are doing, then they will take advantage of you.

4. Be flexible. You may be switched to another class, or one you don't like. And never complain around staff about it. One day I was in the office and a sub got moved and threw a hissy fit and big stink. You can bet she won't be back for a long time.

5. Leave a note for the teacher. Let them know what went well, what you didn't get to, who was misbehaving. They'll appreciate it.

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