Beach Trip

Mmm I had a great time at the beach. Perfect weather! I got color and I caught crab! Mostly red rock and one dungeoness.   I also caught some starfish.

Funny how when I'm at the beach I think about my teacher friends that teach ocean units. Things come into my mind like the starfish and how it could help kiddos count by 5's, one for each leg. Or the octopus I saw (her name is Ursula) and the cute stories you create about her and her ocean friends.

Math equations could be done with seals and rocks or fish and poles or my favorite, crabs and pots :) How cute would that be if the kiddos had pots/baskets and had crabs to put in and out and write equations?

Or kiddos could write sight words on a shell shaped paper and put it in beach buckets to show how many words they know and fill them up!  If you do currency in your room , think about sand dollars (paper of course, not the real ones).

Here are some pics from my trip:

Pelicans at the marina
The 12 crab we caught. Red Rock doesn't matter the size/sex. See my 1 dungeoness?
Sunset at the marina, crab dock is there and bridge in the distance
Sideways shot of my crab...yummy!

I had a peaceful, relaxing time crabbing. I enjoyed eating fish and chips and sea foam (picture in last post) and salt water taffy. But boy were my arms sore after hauling pots for a day! I think I have bigger arm muscles now lol :)

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