Busy busy!

It seems like I prepare for one event , have a day to breathe and prepare for another lol.

So with the BBQ competition behind me, I have a community BBQ on Thursday, but my dad's retirement party is what is on my mind because that is the 27th and I have to finish all the decor.

I have a WW meeting tonight ( I just joined last week) and  dentist appointment tomorrow then the BBQ on Thursday.

Decor is just about finished. I spray painted the twigs I got at Dollar Tree silver. I have to go buy more twigs though. It's really cute looking as I put it all together today for a look. But then was struck taht it needed something a bit more and stars, silver stars came to mind. Fitting since my dad was a police sergeant.

Oh and look at the duffel bag I have!

I bought it from a friend's daughter as a fundraiser thinking I'd use it for traveling but it's just a tad too small for me unless it's a one nighter lol. So to my surprise, my Cricut fit in it and all its stuff. Yay!

And school will be starting soon...though I *probably* won't be called til the second week, if even that. Though last year was the first day of school ;)

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