Shopping addict

I'm serious. I think I have a shopping problem lol. I love buying stuff. And the sad thing is I have no classroom and all this stuff and so I tell myself to stop buying things. And then I came upon this glorious find at my Wal-Mart:

Are they not adorable? Tin pails, with handles for 97 cents. I mean I couldn't pass them up because honestly, when will they have them again? And I bought 2 of each of the buckets.

I love the yellow polka dot one. Then there is the sweet one with apples and has letters on the apples. The back one is an owl and books and I think an apple. The red one has pencils. I immediatley knew what I would do with those 2 pencil ones. Make a label and put on one "sharp pencils" and the other one "broken pencils". The other 6 buckets I can use for supplies or whatever else I want lol.

I texted my friend in the parking lot and told her that she needs to get these. She's  been a 2nd grade teacher the last few years and was moved to kindergarten and is freaking out. I've been her number 1 sub this whole time and we've become really close. In fact, I'll be helping her set up her room :) For her birthday I made her a kinder basket.  We stayed up til 11: 15 last night texting lol.

Oh and before I went to Wal-mart, I turned in my bloodborne pathogen, sexual harrassment, child abuse, and other sub papers. They decided we didn't have to have a meeting this year and could view the slideshows online.  Also got my last bit of stuff in to renew my license and cleared it with the human resources supervisor. So looks like I am good to go for the school year! And I think 3 of the schools have staff that know I am subbing, so that's awesome.

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