My cat

So I am a cat person. I have a cat named Checkers. I'll show you a pic why her name is that:
Her face has the checkerboard pattern

She adopted me 6 years ago, showing up at my house, half wild. Now she is pretty much tame and a lovebug. She loves to cuddle and sleep in my bed and spends her sunny days out in the yard in the sun or hot tub curled up.

Today wasn't a good day. I screamed in shock as 2 big dogs hunted her down as she was sunbathing on the front deck, a normal spot. She was quicker than them and scrambled up a tree. She was there for at least an hour or more until I finally was able to coax her down. 
I called the police and they said those dogs have been cited before and they know where they live (doesn't hurt my dad is an retired cop and they all know him lol). 

Here is my baby up in the tree:
She was just looking at me

Honestly, my stomach was sick thinking I was going to watch my beloved being mauled. She has been there with me through some of the hardest times of my life such as my cousin in a car accident and then dying, me getting the disappointing "We're sorry but we've already filled the position" letters, and through my tough days of subbing.  She is family to me and today really showed that.

When I get a classroom of my own, I'll make a book with her in it, like my friend has done. Maybe showing Checkers following the rules or a "Checkers says..." kind of thing use a picture of her head saying something. My friend has a dog and she used the dog in different parts of the school and meeting the librarian, principal, etc to show her kinders the school which is a clever idea.  If you don't have a pet or a classroom pet, you could do this with a stuffed animal that you've made into a mascot, which I may also do when I have my own class.

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