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I help my friend out once a month at her lumberyard that her family owns when they have a class for kiddos. Every month is a different project. Some projects are repeats from the year before but only a few as they are popular.

They only cost $5 per class and all materials provided. Your first class gets you an apron and a hammer. Myself and a few others instruct the class and we have 3 sessions.

Summer time is usually slower and today was proof. Cancelled our 10 am class, had 4 in our 9 am but was pleasantly surprised with our 11 am class. We had close to 20.

Today was a bookshelf. And I managed not to get my thumb hit by the kiddos! Lol.

Past projects are flower pots, cement stepping stones (our fave and most popular class), candy dispenser, chalkboard, rain gauge, birdhouse, flower planter, and pvc pipe water guns. Stepping stones, painting flower pots, and water guns are our repeats. Next month is a leaf/flower press. I'm excited for it as it's new!

We have teachers come in sometimes to do a lesson and get ideas for their classrooms. I sometimes get to create the project too and am a proud owner of a flower pot, 2 stepping stones, a few pvc pipe water guns, and the chalkboard, which is SO fitting.

Excuse the bad handwriting hehe I wrote it on fast as I didn't want it bare.
I can't wait til I can hang that in my own class! It's so amazing though to say that I built that chalkboard, hanging chain came with it and the piece of chalk to. Can't beat that for five bucks!

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