I'm Ready.....

Well not ready ready, like mentally ready, but physically ready, I'm set to go for subbing. Tomorrow is the first day of school for one district. They were the ones I subbed for the first day of school last year though I don't expect a repeat. Oh and I found out they are searching for a kinder teacher (my ideal job) but have to be bilingual. I speak enough, but wouldn't be able to read/write what they would want.

So my bag is stocked. Hand sanitizer, lotion, advil , and a snack for me. Mad libs, geometric coloring sheet, stickers and erasers, and a read aloud book for the kiddos.  I'll have to dredge out my super cute lunch bag with polka dots and my name on it.

Guess I need to prepare going to bed early again...although I'm going camping this week lol and I already had to block myself from the call list. Now I'm getting anxious...new kinders, new teachers, but I'm armed and ready. I can do this. It's my fifth year...wow. Oh, better pack some of my sub cards too before I forget :)


  1. Hello! I'm a substitute teacher as well, and was wondering what you meant by sub cards? It sounds like a cool idea!

  2. My sub cards are cards I got from Vistaprint.com and they have my name, my sub id number, my cell number and my e-mail.

    If a teacher asks for my sub number to request me, I can just hand them my card. I often leave my card on the desk with a note about the day too.

    Hope that helps :)


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