I just got my copy of Instructor in the mail. I love seeing what books they put in there to read to kiddos. This article was books for back to school.

I have favorite authors and books so I always look forwarding to seeing new books in there. I do carry some books with me subbing. I try to bring books that are either a favorite, or something new which makes it exciting for the kids. I've even had teachers leave me books for read aloud that are new, to get kids excited.

One of my favorites is Miss Nelson is missing. The kinder teacher even had me have students guessing why their teacher was gone. And she had them write a sentence and draw a picture of what they though happened to the teacher. That had to have been one of the cutest lessons and creative answers I've ever seen.  There were responses from her being sick in bed, to being in Hawaii, to maybe being on the moon!

It was fun for me as a sub and a learning activity for them bu tthey got to draw and write. It was also great because I was one of the first substitutes they had too, as kinders.

Do you have any books you like subs reading to your kids?

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