Dollar Tree

I'll admit it, I'm in LOVE with the Dollar Tree. It's like a glorified Target Dollar Spot hehe. I can't even say which one I love more, except that my Dollar Tree is about 10 minutes from while Target is a bit further.

I stopped in today to get a few more things for my dad's retirement party. And I turned the corner where there was school supplies and had to contain myself. They had pointers! Like the pointers with the hands on the end of them! And in 3 different colors! And even though I have no classroom I bought one of each :D I know I will have a class one day, so I've been buying stuff the last few years :)

And they had these adorable cones, in different colors, saying 'super star', "good work', "great job", and "way to go". So I bought one in each color. My thought was I could use them in my own class for the tables doing a great job.

I could even use them as a sub...make it something special that if they have the cone at the end of the day, they get something. This would work with younger ones, I'm afaid the older ones would destroy it or something lol. For me, little ones get stickers, older ones get an eraser or jolly rancher, depends on how bad the class lol.

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