BBQ Cookoff

Tomorrow is the BBQ competition, the  cook off!  Personally I hope my dad wins, but there are also four other teams that I will root for. Last I heard there were 14 teams and possibly 4 more.

Last night I met with the non-profit group that I help out with and we were moving stuff into an empty builiding we are allowed to use as storage for our auction in October. The building used to be Grocery Outlet and how sad we all were when they shut it down (way back when it was Rite-aid).

We got lights working but not the electrical outlets so I couldn't make my posters with the Cricut like planned so they sent stuff home with me to make the posters.  Oh I had fun. And I just got a text saying we are selling pop too so I need to cut out those letters yet and I have a little picutre of pop on one of my cartidges (I only have 2 compared to my friend who I kid you not has 20).

This is what I made:
To the one that has water on it, I can easily add pop between it and the price.

I love the otter poops one! I sent a picture of these on my phone to the president of the group and she couldn't get over how cute they were. We have a booth up at the cook-off. The whole thing is being run by firefighters and all money goes to the local search and rescue group, so this whole thing is great. For $10 you get a meal ticket of pulled pork sandwich/chips/coleslaw/soda and then all the samples you want. Plus live music! I soooo can't wait for tomorrow. I'll spend the night out there too. Yay!

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