Retirement Party

Whew! I survived the party! It was touching and I loved that people were having a great time. The venue is a newly renovated loft (Corner Brick Loft is the name) and not many people have been there. Exposed brick walls and hardwood floor, can't go wrong with that.

The catering lady is awesome too! We had fruits, veggies, shrimps, sandwiches, wraps, and dessert!

There were 2 slideshows and then some presentations to my dad. I had fun chatting and being the little hostess. And my decor rocked it out! It matched so well with everything. Ok time for pics :)

Entrance table. Look what I made with my Cricut!

Again, can't rotate lol. but my table toppers on 6 tables.
2 of these for 2 cocktail tables


The banquet room (figured I would not post pics with the people hehe)

My cat with the tissue paper after having fun. This is mid pounce lol.

It was so much fun. And truly, it was a great tribute. My decor so rocked. I can't get over that I made it all lol. My dad thanked me a few times for it.  Ok people I'm pooped after today and leftovers from the party are calling my name!

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