I am sad that Borders is closing. My parents invited me on an impromptu shopping trip last night at 7 to go shopping at a larger shopping area. First stop was Borders. Everything was 30-50% off but they were changing the signs to 40-60% for today. Lots of stuff was gone already but I headed upstairs where education and kids books are.

I had to really control myself lol. See, as I said before I love shopping. But there are some stores that I am just in heaven in. Like Borders, Target, Whole Foods (I went there too!), Grocery Outlet (mine left :( ), and a few others. I'm a dork, I know lol.

I kept telling myself that I could only pick a few books out as I don't have a classroom. I was very good and only got two books. One was a book I know I'll be using as a filler for subbing. It has questions, riddles, and stumpers. Perfect! And then I saw it...and I had to restrain myself from rushing and knocking a little kid over. One of the books I'd seen on blog land.

And so I bought The Little Red Pen and I am so happy I got it!

Then I got to go Yogurtland and treated myself to a little bit of cheescake frozen yogurt. Oh, don't think I've mentioned that last week I started Weight Watchers. Tuesday marked the end of week 1 and I lost 2.8 pounds! I didn't get as much as fro yo as I usually would but I was pleased with myself as I had points left after that if I wanted to eat something. It helps that some of my friends started with me too so I have a support system.

But back to yesterday lol. I went to Whole Foods and got some goat milk soap that smelled so good. And then went to Fred Meyer's and I found the flat bread I had been searching for! It's called Flat Out. And the one I got is Italian Herb and I love it!  I also bought marshmallow fluff which I plan on using like a frosting to drizzle over this brownie mix I got. The brownie mix can be used to make individual servings. 2 TBS of the browine mix and 1 TBS of low fat vanilla yogurt. Ahhh bliss!

And tonight is the community BBQ and I get to watch police officers and firefighters play softball against each other. Should be epic!

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