Ok, so I have to jump on the Vistaprint bandwagon. Love it! Even though this will be my 5th year subbing (wow long time!), I decided to make sub cards to hand out.

In one district we are on an automated sub caller system, so we have ID numbers. So my cards include my number, my name, e-mail,  my cell number and that I speak some Spanish and that I have experience subbing.

I picked a brighter colored card to catch the teacher's eye as they sit at their desk hehe :) Also it's bubbly like my personality.

This is the one I went with:

I think it's cute :)

I've seen other sub cards and they are dark and elegant but I think anything you can do to stand out is good. It's going to be a tough year. Thank goodness in my past 4 years I've built relationships with teachers and in one school in particular, the secretary requests me and I'm generally there. I've got teachers that request me, but I want more! Lol.  Wonder if I will sub the first day of school like I did last year? Lol. 

So, for just shipping and handling, I'll get 200 business cards :) I can't wait!


  1. Gotta love their deals! Your card really is cute!

  2. Aww thanks :) I so can't wait for my cards to come. I'm definitely hooked on Vistaprint!


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