Wonderful Wednesday

Late but better than never! Took a random, spur of the moment road trip to the beach! It's about 2 hours or 2 and 1/2, depending which city I choose. I chose the closer one today.

Let me tell you, it was soooo nice to get away for the day. The valley was socked in with clouds/fog. The coastal range was decent. And then I saw it. Something I haven't seen in a week or more. The sun! It was glorious!

I walked on the beach and took pics of Bailey Bear (traveling bear). I looked for glass sea floats, but saw none. And then went shopping at the outlet mall there (yeah I know I have the largest outlet in Oregon 10 minutes from my house, but is it at the beach? No!)

I SCORED. Really. I scored. I got a dress that was marked WAY down. And when she rang it up, it was 3 dollars less than it said. I got it for $3.47. A dress. A NICE dress! And I got a tank top for under $3 and a shirt for $4. Love Old Navy!

That's all I got for you today :) Oh and some pics of course!

Bailey and me basking in the sun!

It says Oregon :)

This just makes me happy :)



  1. Hi Ms. T!

    Sounds like a fun trip!
    I've been to Seaside, and I often visit a friend's cottage in Manzanita. (I always marvel at the Tsunami Warning signs!)

    I'm glad you and Bailey had a nice trip!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. I love Seaside too. I really love Newport. Ok, I confess, I just love the beach! Lol :)

    Yeah one place I've camped at the beach has a tsunmai trail to take your trailer lol.


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