Oh today went much better than yesterday! No headache, no frozen car, and no rotten class. Still no yogurt, but I had a good breakfast anyway. Still a bit crazy as we switched classes a few times, had both classes together (that's like almost 50 kids in one space!!) and the sub next door was  a bit late. Hectic, chaos, but still a wonderful day :)

Ok, now to show you my snow in the window. Who knows if I will get snow this year, but thanks to Pinterest, I have snowflakes :)

Remember my ornament garland? Well I loved it so much, I wanted to make another, but a little different. So I made one with snowflakes and ornaments.

I mixed it snowflakes and silver/gold ornaments. I love it as much my other one.
I moved the regular ornament one to the spare bedroom. Let me tell you, it makes things more festive!


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