Productive Day!

Wow I was productive today and it's only 2:30 pm (PST lol). I woke up early like I do every day in case I get called. But once 8 am came around, I was pretty sure I was in the clear. So I sat down and wrote two shopping lists. One for the grocery store and one for the outlet mall to try to finish my Christmas shopping.

I brought along a little pal, Bailey Bear to the outlet mall for some pictures.

Bailey waving hi. See the Christmas tree in the back? Supposedly the tallest decorated Christmas tree in Oregon.

Bailey Bear is travelling around the world *started in UK* and I got him a few days ago. Whomever has him takes pictures around where they live and any attractions, etc. He gets shipped to the next person on the list. When he's finished, he'll have gone from the UK to Canada, to the USA, Australia, and New Zealand and back to UK where his family is. This all started through friends I made on a game on Facebook where I became a moderator of the forum (which I'm no longer a mod, but 2 years was awesome for friend making!).These are the same people I did an ornament exchange with the last two years :)

Anyway, I could go off and I should focus back on this lol. So I did get some little Christmas stuff but feel like I still need more for my mom. Dad is taken care of. And I won't post what I got for mom in case she wanders on to my blog *waves hi to mom!*

Then I got groceries. I also got the making for a taco soup for tonight. And for the ingredients for 4  cookie recipes I'm making for Christmas. I plan on bringing them possibly to a gift wrapping party on Monday. We bring our presents and anything else we want, and she'll provide snacks and some wrapping paper and tape. Sounds like fun right? I've never been to one and it looks like I'll be able to make it :)

And not so fun, gassed up my car. It went down a little bit at $3.49 a gallon. In Oregon, we don't pump our own gas, so I don't know what the prices are like around the US and if this is reasonable or not lol.

And tomorrow, I'm going to a friend's house and then we are going out somewhere and it should be about 6 of us friends altogether. What a way to kick of Christmas break!

I really want to open the one present under the It's from my godparents and they give me a book every year (since I was 1!). And it's always a Christmas related book. I've gotten The Polar Express, Christmas with the Kranks, and a few others. But my godmother (who is also my aunt) who is a retired teacher, laughed as she told me this year it isn't Christmas related, but it is teacher related. Now she's got me curious!

Bailey Bear is curious too! No peeking!


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