Friday Night Fun at Walmart

Oh boy last night was just what I needed to kick off Christmas Break! I went out with some friends and my mom (hey, she's a cool  mom lol) and we went to a friend's house as a gathering point. Then we decided where to go eat and if we wanted to eat in town or go out of town. There were xis of us, including me.

We decided on going to Elmer's in town because the fog was really coming in and we wanted to be safe. We carpooled in two cars and off we went. Had a great time eating with them, chatting, and the area we were in was playing 80's music so we were singing too :)

Then two of them decided to go home after Elmer's but my mom, myself and two other friends that carpooled with us wanted to go to Walmart, aka Wally World lol and so we went there. We swear we saw a guy shoplifting a tv. He emptied out his cart, nothing in bags, until all he had was the tv. So there we stood in  a huddle, whispering and watching. The lady at the door stopped and checked his receipt and we for sure thought he'd be caught, but she let him go. Suspicious!

**Female stuff alert lol* Then we went to go look at Ah bras, that we've seen on tv. Well we were going to look at it until we saw a man standing in front of it and he actually went and got one! We're hoping it's for his wife :)

Then we went to the toy aisle and pushed all the buttons on toys. My pregger friend was freaked out about the Fidjit toy but we were laughing so hard. She says she wants no loud toys, so the three of us stared at her and smiled because that wasn't a good thing to say to us...wonder who will be getting loud toys at the baby shower? I won't be that mean :)

And our last stop was the Christmas section. We hit the motherload of dancing/singing/noise making toys there! Things were bopping, dancing, singing, moving, and shaking. A kid was staring at us and my friend laughed and said, "It's ok, we're all adults." He literally ran off and we started laughing (or as one of our guy friends says, cackling). We started to leave when we saw the kid come back with a store employee lol. She followed us for a bit with a stink eye glare.

We laughed all the way home. She probably thought we were nuts or maybe drunk (yeah on water and Diet Pepsi!) but seriously, it was a cheap night of fun, food, and friends.

Please tell me you or someone you know pushes buttons to make the toys go! I know my mom and I love it but I'm so excited to know that my two friends with us enjoy it as much as we do too!



  1. I have five kids and that is what my house sounds like everyday- without even going to Wally world. My 18 year-old did outgrow the annoying loud toys only to move on to even bigger and louder toys- like electric guitars with amps. Yep, that is what I listen to every night while I blog. ☺


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