Did You Survive?

Did everyone survive Christmas? Are you stuffed full of food and surrounded by wrapping paper and toys?
It didn't take long for me to recover and guess what...the tree is down and out already! Still have decorations around and the lights on the house though. I am happy with what I got, mostly things I asked for. I'm excited that I got two memory sticks because with all the stuff I'm downloading from these blogs, I want to back them up!

Christmas Eve was at my grandparents' house and everyone showed up. It was pretty pleasant (no family drama today!). Lots of pictures too. And I may or may not have started a wrapping paper ball fight that my cousins and dad and aunt and uncle were involved in :) It was so much fun though and my cousin (ack she's 13 now!) told me that was pretty awesome.

We don't really give each other presents now, just the 13 and unders and there are only 4 of them. But the grandparents get stuff and the couples usually give each other wine. But my aunt really wanted to give us stuff and besides the card and a little spending money my grandparents give everyone, I was pleasantly surprised with a candle and lotion from my aunt. I wasn't expecting anything!

And everyone looks forward to when someone leaves (this is not in a mean way) because there is a large window in the living room and when you leave, you 'go down the elevator/stairs'. It's hilarious. The person out side walks forward but slowly goes lower to the ground. This used to stump my two littlest cousins forever. They really thought that stairs appeared! My only boy cousin didn't do the stairs this year, instead he moonwalked!

Ever since my grandparents moved into this house about seven years ago, we've tried to adjust to it. But it's still not quite like their first house, the one we had so many memories in. We try to create new memories in this house together. We've lost my cousin, but have gained a new one. I've come to realize that even though you have made memories in a house, it's the people that make them and not the house.  Treasure all the memories you create!


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