Slammin' Sunday

Ok, I'm still a bit rattled. Sunday is supposed to be a nice calming day. I slept in and had a lazy morning. My plan for today was to make 4 different kinds of cookies for tomorrow night's present wrapping party.

I thought I had all the ingredients but saw I needed more butter (sounds like a Paula Deen quote!) and frozen raspberries. So I made a quick list and headed off to Wally World.

I get in the parking lot and am on the main stretch when I see a white car NOT slowing down on one of the side rows. I honk my horn but alas it is for nothing as she slams into my car. And I mean slam. Like T-boned.

I'm shaking and my heart is pounding. But somehow, out of instinct, I wrote down her license plate. Yeah usually not the first thing you think of, but I am thinking it has to do with my dad's line of work as a cop lol.

And the first thing I ask her is if she had insurance. She said yes and asked if I was ok. And then I called the parents as she wrote down her info. Overhearing, she offered to stay as they came to check on me.Waiting in the car, I posted on FB. A minute later, a dear friend texted me asking if she could do anything for me. And I had an outpouring from friends. Gotta say I have good ones!

So tomorrow I take in my car to get it checked out. Gotta say it's not how I exactly planned the start to my Christmas vacation! But I'm alright, just a sore shoulder from tensing up and shaken nerves. And a hurt car.


Even the wheel!


  1. Ms. T:
    That sounds SO scary!
    I am so glad you are alright!!!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. Your vacation can only get better...

    I ran into someone about 4 months ago. Lucky for me the air bag didn't go off. I was sore from the seat belt for quite awhile. I did go to the ER and the nurses asked if my chest felt like a heart attack...I told them I didn't know since I'd never had one before--ha I can laugh now.

    Merry Christmas

    A Time to Share & Create


    Fabulous 4th Grade

  3. Aww yeah it's scary Kim!

    I'm sure I'll laugh about it soon!

  4. I take pride in the fact that I have never had an accident- with a moving car.
    I have hit my own mailbox, my mother's mailbox, I cracked the culvert at her house as well, I made new orange "pin stripes" on my first car with the concrete pillars at the drive thru of the bank (that was a horrible sound), and two years ago, I backed into the car (that was parked across the street at the end of my driveway, kind of their fault) was the only day in 6 years I was late for work!
    It was a Prius that I hit, I thought it was a trash can when I heard the sound!
    I am a GOOD driver though- keep in mind these bumps and nudges have happened over 20 years of driving!
    Glad you are ok! Hope the shoulder eases up soon!
    Going Nutty!


  5. Lol thanks for the laugh Staci :)

    This is the second time I've been hit. The first time, the guy behind me slammed into me (different car) and he stopped to see if I was ok and then left. Can we say hit and run? Well even then I was being smart and got his license plate.

    I had to deal with the cops and all that. No fun!

    So if it is one thing I've learned, get their license plate number!!!

  6. Glad you are alright.

    Okay, here is your "funny"


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