What is a hero?

To me, a hero is a person that inspires others to do their best. A person that goes the extra mile, but thinks nothing of it. Some one willing to help others for no reason.

We lost two heroes three years ago today on 12-12-08. My bank had a bomb and it went off killing Captain Thomas Tennant and Oregon State Bomb Technician William Hakim.  I didn't know Trooper Hakim, but I knew Tom.

Tom loved his community. He loved his church, his wife, his kids, and helping others. Tom helped with food drives and pancake breakfasts. He was truly involved in the community. Tom is my hero. And now my hero is watching me from up above in heaven. I still hear his laugh though!

It was Tom that told my Dad to take the night off. My dad should have been working and it could have been my Dad killed. Instead, it was my Dad talking on the news and on the tv and in the papers, talking about our hero Tom.

And this picture says it best:



  1. Your post gave me goosebumps. (Especially because my husband works in a bank.) You are lucky to have had Tom in your life.
    2B Honey Bunch

  2. My friends worked at the bank and one was hurt. Our chief was also hurt but survived, losing a leg.

    Thankfully my dad retired from the Police Department this year, so I don't have to worry about that stuff anymore.

    Yes, lucky to have had Tom in my life for sure! Such a generous soul :)

  3. What a gift that swap was - Tom is a true hero. My hero, Ray Joseph, did the same for a comrad in Iraq. It was RJ's turn to come home for the holidays, but, thinking he'd be home soon enough, he traded spots with a soldier whose young children were missing their dad. The next day, when he should have been stateside, RJ's humvee ran over an IED in the road. We miss him every day. Thanks for reminding us who the REAL heroes are!

    The Corner On Character

  4. Thanks for sharing Barbara :)

    Sounds like we have great heroes!


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