Time Out Tuesday

Oh boy what a day. Starting with me realizing I bought the wrong yogurt for breakfast. And my car being frozen. And waking up with a headache. Then my class.  Let's just say that it wasn't the best class I've been in.

But I always try to find the bright part of it. And a few moments sparkled. A 'naughty' student (I've heard him be called that before) buckled down and got all his work done. Another 'naughty' student who is on a plan, got all his work done. A girl pulled her desk away to focus, instead of talk like she would have in the past.

And then two things to make me laugh. A kid asked me if asteroids were a drug. Somehow it clicked to me that he meant steroids lol. A boy asked if he could eat his sneaker and I laughed and said, "Your shoe?" but jokingly knew he meant Snickers.

So I will leave you all with a quote to think about when you see those kiddos :

"People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”
~Elisabeth Kubler-Ross



  1. Do hope that Wednesday will bring the yogurt you enjoy, a warm vehicle and a clear mind with no headaches. How wonderful that you could find a bright spot in the day. Your brightness was shared with the kids today.

  2. Aww you are sweet :) No yogurt until I go shopping lol but I'll be content with oatmeal til then. Tomorrow is the same weather but it's ok :) And tomorrow I am in one of my favorite classes, so that will help!

  3. Love the quote! I hope your week got better! It was a crrr-aazy in my neck of the woods!

    First Grade Delight

  4. Yes my week got way better! Still nuts, but a good kind of nuts lol :)


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