Cricut Anyone?

I love my Cricut!  And for those of you who don't know what it is (you really should know!), no it's not an insect or the game you play :)  It's basically an electronic die cut machine that does most of the work for you!

This is my first Christmas with a Cricut and I wish I had it last year at this time! It has made my life a lot easier, truly. I've made a few Christmas Cards with it. But my favorite thing so far is the Christmas gift tags. I bought Christmas paper at Michaels when they had them 1/2 priced.  I cut out small, medium, and a few big tags. Love them!

Little blurry pics from my phone, but here they are:

It makes the hole, so I just added ribbon :)

Big green tag and medium white tag.

I love that you can adjust the sizes to what you want. It worked perfectly! This is just one of the many things you can make/do with a Cricut :)

*I am not promoting or working for Cricut. This is just my opinion of my Cricut machine :)


  1. What cartridge did you use to make the tags? Adorable!

  2. The cartridge was Plantin Schoolbook which I love because it is the basics with letters and numbers and shapes. It also has a bag and envelope you can make and a few borders.

  3. Lol Erika :) Maybe you should show Santa what fantastic things you could make with it ;)

  4. Hi! I just became a follower. I don't have a Cricut yet. Could you recommend a good one for beginners? There seem to be so many choices!

  5. Love my Cricut - but love my Silhouette more... I like that you can use regular true type fonts and cut any of them with the Silhouette... but, I like the way you can size with the Cricut - so, both have advantages!

  6. Thank you for following my blog! I have returned the favor!

  7. Thanks Heather!

    I've only seen three kinds of Cricuts. I have the Cricut Expression. My friend has the anniversary Cricut (very spendy) and she also has the little one.

    It depends on what you use it for. Mine I use for letters, numbers, shapes, envelopes, cards, and tags. When I get my own classroom, I forsee using it for bulletin boards and displays :)

    There's also the Cricut Imagine. And Cricut Lite. Not quite sure what the difference between them all but I know that some have different cartridges (they can get spendy!)

    I watch for sales at Michaels. I got my Cricut at Walmart but get most of my cartridges from Michaels on sale or on Ebay. I just price them based of what it says online or Amazon and I've always gotten them cheaper on Ebay :)

    Hope this helps!

  8. I knew what you were talking about but for some reason I saw visions of the game...Croquet...hahah! My brain has officially mushed. Thanks for the little mini lesson on the random generator thing. 59 followers is great, you are on your way. I know that we could do a give away now and that would REALLY boost our followers but that kinda seems like cheating for me at this point...I mean have you seen how many comments and stuff people get for a giveaway?

    Hey...maybe when we both get to like 150 we can do a giveaway together...maybe even get several newbies Farley did with her bloggy friends for the 12 days of Christmas? That would be fun and would help get all our little newbie names out there!

    If I dont talk to ya' Merry Christmas!
    2nd Grade Paradise

  9. We JUST got a cricut! We don't have any cartridges yet though :(
    Do you know of any CHEAP places to get them??? We really are having a hard time spending so much on them...
    Jen Ross
    The Teachers’ Cauldron

  10. Jen,

    Keep an eye on Michaels because sometimes the $59 ones get on sale for $29. Amazon sometimes has a decent deal, but I've actually had the best luck on Ebay. Just have to have the patience on bidding.

  11. Aww thanks Stacy! Yeah that would be fun to go in together :)


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