Lil' Hammers

I don't know if I've talked about Lil' hammers on here before or not, but I will today! Lil' Hammers is a class once a month at my friend's hardware store/lumberyard. For $5 the kids get all the materials and get to build/create/paint something.

In the past we've painted flower pots, made squirt guns, created cement stepping stones, flower boxes, rain gauge, birdhouses, etc. Totally fun and pretty cheap! I always volunteer and it's fun to get to see what the kiddos create, ages 2-teens (and we have a few adults sometimes too!).

Yesterday was a unique circumstance and instead of cancelling Lil' Hammers, we had a class at 9, closed the store until 1 and then had a class at 2 and prepared for one at 3. See, Tony used to work at that store, so they closed so everyone could go to the service for him.

So I drove to be there before 9 to make ornament/picture frames. The kids had frames and glued 2-4 shapes on both sides. They could pick from snowflakes, gingerbreadmen, trees, stars, stockings, or snowmen. Then they had their picture taken. And then I tied a ribbon and a bell around one frame, put their picture(s) in between the two frames and hot glue gunned. So their frame was 2 sided with a pic on each side.

The kid could do an individual pic and then a sibling pic , or have 2 different poses, or just the same pic both sides. And every one got a candy cane too.

Sorry I don't have pics, but I think you get the picture...(bad pun!) Lol :)

Then I drove home, changed, drove to the service. It was beautiful and touching. And then drove home, changed, and drove back for the next class. Then drove home and rested, and then changed and drove to a friend's house for a small gathering of friends to kick off the holiday season. I needed that time with friends and the chatting.

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