Wacky Wednesday

Wacky Wednesday is what some of the kiddos in the district I sub for call our Wednesdays because they are wacky due to late start. So the schedule is shortened/rearranged/askew/crazy!

I made my copies, free handed a gingerbread man and a gingerbread house in case I ran out of things to do and they could color them (they're first graders). Then the teacher next door, who teaches the Spanish part, threw my morning schedule out as we brought both classes together and  finished stuff and started on an art/Christmas project.

Guys, I wish could have taken a picture, but we were sooooo busy! They took a pine tree branch and dipped the tip in green paint and smacked (yes SMACKED) the paper. In the afternoon they were going to take a fir branch and dip it in red paint and smack on top. Instant wrapping paper! And they learned the difference between the two kind of trees!

Then we raced to specials, then I raced them to lunch, then raced to teach ELD, and then the afternoon kinda went downhill a bit. There were a few meltdowns and tears. So I had to use bribery. I don't always use bribery, but for my sanity, I needed it.

My Oma from Germany sent little bitty chocolates to use for any class I wanted and I figured this was most likely the last day I would sub before winter break. So I used my little chocolates as bribes. I heard myself telling them, "If you are good the rest of the day, you get one."

Well you would think that would help right? Wrong. Had four kiddos who didn't get one at the end of the day and afore mentioned meltdown, well one of the meltdowners had another meltdown about not getting candy. Forget about me telling him I set them aside for the teacher to give tomorrow if he is good, he wanted it NOW. Sheesh. So there are four candies on the teacher's desk for them if they are good tomorrow. Do you know how hard it was for me not to give them to those kiddos? In the past I would have, but seriously, had to be FIRM with them.

Two more days, two more days! Then it's break. And Friday I'm going out with some friends. One of them REALLY needs a pick-me-up so this should help I hope :) Counting down the days!

Oh and I have 50 followers...wooohoo! I'm thinking maybe a gift card for when I get 100. Or maybe I'll make something special :)



  1. Make that 51 followers! :)


  2. Yes, I'm excited!!! And now it's 51. I'm trying to decide between gift card or creating something Pinterest inspired with initials...or something with my Cricut.


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